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Proactive Protection for Peace of Mind

Helping individuals & families cover their most valuable


before it's too late!

Helping individuals & families cover their most valuable


before it's too late!

Our Insurance



Cover Your Assets Insurance Services

Specializes in mortgage protection, final expense, and long term care insurance.

Providing Insurance Nationally

We help individuals and families to protect themselves by covering their most valuable ASSets, before it’s too late!

Cover Your Assets Insurance Services (CYA) is a Christian based Financial services and insurance agency servicing the entire United States. Our goal is to help families and businesss owners to PROACTIVELY protect their most valuable Assets (including themselves, their families, their homes, businesses,etc.), in exchange for peace of mind. We believe in the power or Praying, Planning and Prospering. We have a wealth of over 20 years of personal and professional experiences which allow us to facilitate a personal and meaningful relationship with our clients. 

At Cover Your Assets Insurance Services our job is to assist clients in getting the coverage they need to protect their property, family, and personal finances with confidence. Our licensed agents are experts in a vast amount of insurance products and services, and will ensure our customers are provided with the best quality of care to help navigate the complex world of insurance. 

We can help individuals to secure various Life insurance coverages including but not limited Mortgage Protection Insurance, Final Expense Insurance, and various Health insurances including Medigap and Long Term Care plans. We can also help business owners by showing them various strategies to generate huge tax write offs with tax free benefits. We are available for individual consultations or group presentations.

Do you want to…

  • Learn how to generate up to $400k of tax write-offs with TAX-FREE Benefits? (Business owners)
  • Find out how you can protect your family, while receiving other tax free benefits?
  • Leave your family with a check or a bill? 
  • Find out how insurance can provide you with peace of mind and Assurance

***CYA offers group presentations and individual appointments. Please contact us today for more information.***

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Pray, Plan, Prosper!

Praying Wife, Healed Husband is a riveting account of Marcy’s spiritual fight on behalf of her husband, Tee, as the clock was ticking on his life. His was one of the worst COVID-19 cases known to one of America’s top hospitals in the early stages of the 2020 Pandemic. Fortunately for Tee & Marcy, they had excellent health insurance and other affairs in place to overcome this major curveball life threw their way. As a bonus, enjoy their self-help section full of expert advice and resources to assist you in getting your own house in order regarding your health, wealth, and relationship wellbeing. Now, more than ever, you must protect yourself in these times of crisis.

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