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Proactive Protection for Peace of Mind

Speaking Opportunities

Marcy Myles-Clark is a veteran healthcare professional and licensed Life and Health Insurance consultant with more than 20 years of experience. Marcy specializes in Estate Planning and Asset Protection (living and death insurances) education. She is also a Best-selling author, speaker, and contributing writer with a recently published article in USA Today.

Marcy’s success is backed by a sincere regard for higher learning, achievement, and servant leadership. She holds a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), and she is a Licensed Real Estate Consultant.

Servant leadership has remained an innate value in Marcy’s life overall; as she has mastered the art of caretaking, beginning at the tender age of thirteen. Having had various family members who suffered from debilitating ailments, Marcy has learned the invaluable importance of acquiring good resources. She used these resources to generate lifelong skillsets that would later prove themselves as an asset, while facing her radical experience with COVID-19, in 2020. Marcy’s husband remained detrimentally ill at Johns Hopkins Hospital, surviving 28 days on the ventilator and 46 days total hospitalization, and she too isolated at home fighting her own battle with Covid-19. Marcy remained prayerful for her husband’s survival, while simultaneously executing and utilizing previously implemented resources that would allow them both to successfully defy this life-changing event and become best-selling authors. It is Marcy’s mission to help others to “Proactively Protect themselves from the Unexpected” by covering their most important assets, which is her personal and professional mission.  Marcy is available for speaking engagements.